“Wealth is not about money” – a yarn with Noah

October 10, 2023

Noah Honeysett is a proud Taungurung man, Collingwood supporter and recently became a Dad which means he can now share more of his Dad jokes! He’s always known his culture and been strongly influenced by the Koorie community around him.  Having worked off Country for most of his life, including a stint at a brewery, a chemist and as groundskeeper at a school, he’s found his calling working back on Taungurung Country, for and with his Community. Wealth in his eyes is not about money but about family, community and continuously learning.

Community obviously means the world to you?

Yeah, I’ve grown up in northern suburbs of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, always been surrounded by Aboriginal communities, not necessarily Taungurung but Koorie community has been a strong centre point of my life and influenced my decisions. I’ve always been open minded and openhearted to what community wants and respectful and compassionate to their land and their thoughts. I’m proud to be more connected with Taungurung community and to bring my family to Country to help them understand what Culture and Country means to me, to see what I feel and how connected I am but also to connect them into the wider community as well.

Tell us about how you came to working back on Country for your mob?

I didn’t want to be doing long hours, trapped inside four walls any more – wanted to be out on Country doing work I loved and aligned with my values. Three years ago I started working in natural resource management for the Taungurung Land and Waters Council. It was great to be out on Country, trying to understand and come to terms with the 250 years of neglect and impact that colonisation has had. There is still a lot of understanding around the enormity of the impact and a lot of healing that needs to happen. More recently, I’ve transitioned from Caring for Country to caring for Community and contributing more to community outcomes – I feel this is my calling.

Tell us about your experience of learning about culture and connecting others to culture

I’ve watched Taungurung community members come back and find their connections, watched my own family grow and evolve and learn, seen knowledge being passed down to younger generations and seen them gain stronger cultural presence. Just because you didn’t grow up here, doesn’t mean you’re not from here. It’s important for our community to connect back to learn and to heal. For me, I’m always learning. It’s about asking questions, getting out there, spending time with different people. You need the willingness to learn – you get out what you put in. I believe in being self-motivated and having that drive to better yourself and your knowledge – that’s what personal achievement is – it’s a continuous journey. Financial stability isn’t wealth. Wealth is being healthy, happy, providing for your family but having the want to keep learning and growing.

What are you proud of?

This year I've had the birth of my son and Collingwood winning the flag – what a year!

What are your interests outside work and culture?

Football! I was born into being a Collingwood supporter, it's in the family. I also love camping around the Rubicon Valley, fishing, being active. I have always played footy and sports and will be getting back into footy next year. There's also endless house renovations that keep me busy and I must confess to being a bit of a Star Wars nerd!

Who inspires you?

My Nan, who has now passed away. Having her gentle reinforcement, that voice inside my head saying ‘’give it a shot’’. She had such a caring nature, drive and love. I have fond memories of going to the footy with nan on weekends. If we weren't at the game, we were on the couch watching it from home with fish'n'chips.

What are your hopes for the future?

The community having a stronger voice and equality.

What would you love for people to know about Taungurung Culture, Country and /or community?

How beautiful our Country and Culture is, and how beautiful our Community is and how willing we are to share this with others.

Go on give us a Dad joke.....

Q. What's the best type of music to listen to when fishing? A. Something catchy!

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