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wawa biik Taungurung Cultural Experiences are about generating greater respect for the Taungurung story – a resilient story that spans thousands of years.  Our experiences inspire deeper connections, learnings, and reflections, that will inspire us all to care more about the future of our Culture and biik (Country).

Meet passionate Taungurung guides who share traditional and contemporary cultural practices.  Understand life of our Ancestors and learn what being a Custodian of biik means for us today as we walk through important areas of biik together.

We celebrate the small moments of connection with and on biik.

We will also yarn with you about all the work we do on biik as a mob to keep biik and Culture strong for the next generation – this includes protecting cultural heritage, regeneration works and cultural practice. We will introduce you to wawa biik’s partners, who are as determined as we are to care for biik and contribute to our positive future.


wawa Nagambie

Our passionate Taungurung guides reveal the rich layers of living culture embodied in the land and waterways around Nagambie. Learn about the ingenuity of Taungurung Ancestors and the impacts of colonisation, cruise the stunning waterways of Tahbilk and yarn about our aspirations for Culture and Country.

Location: Nagambie, Victoria

Duration: 4 hours


wawa Euroa

We welcome you to Euroa Arboretum (‘the Arb’), a nurtured pocket of Taungurung Country that connects to our Taungurung story of healing, resilience and vitality. Spend quality time with  Taungurung guides and be part of the journey to revitalise Country and Culture.

Location: Euroa Arboretum, Euroa, Victoria

Duration: 3 hours


wawa Euroa Wayilak

This wawa Euroa wayilak (young people) experience provides children aged 5-12 years with an introduction to Taungurung culture, specifically around cultural use of plants for food, medicine, and tools at the Euroa Arboretum.

Location: Euroa Arboretum, Euroa, Victoria

Duration: 2 hours
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wawa tabilk-tabilk

On this experience our passionate Taungurung leaders immerse you in the layers of story found within tabilk-tabilk - the place of many waterholes. This magnificent part of Taungurung Country located at Tahbilk Winery and Wetlands, boasts 1,214 hectares of river flats with an extensive frontage to the Goulburn River and impressive backwaters and creeks.

Location: Nagambie, Victoria

Duration: 4 hours

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Private Group Bookings


wawa biik welcomes private bookings for groups of 8 or more people outside our scheduled departures.

Maximum group size of 16 people applies.

Please contact us directly for enquiries and rates.

wawa biik gift vouchers


A wawa biik gift voucher is a great way to show your support for Taungurung aspirations, while inviting friends and family to experience a Taungurung-led wawa biik experience.

A $50 and $100 voucher is available and redeemable towards any wawa biik public experience.

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Our Humble Promise


We bring diverse perspectives that may help you think more deeply about your relationship with Taungurung biik.  This is done with a generosity of spirit and the humble acceptance that we are healing our cultural knowledge – so we may not know everything, but we do have a strong purpose and a burning passion to get us where we need to go and can promise you:

We’re passionate, so we might just talk all day.

We’re proud, so we might share more stories than you’d expect.

We’re courageous, so we will try speaking our language which we are reviving.

We’re approachable, so we’ll create a safe and welcoming space for us all to learn and grow together.

We’re protective of Country so we’ll tread lightly and leave no trace.

We are honoured that you have chosen to share this journey with us.


In the Media

wawa biik features in a range of publications, websites and across news outlets as we highlight the Taungurung story alongside the experiences offered.

wawa biik Newsletters

Please click here to read the latest edition Just like the pride and purpose our Elders feel when wrapped in their possum skin cloak, we want wawa biik to be a warm and inspiring space that brings people together to celebrate and learn about our traditional and contemporary aspects of Culture.

What is ICIP (Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property)?

Tourism is all about sharing stories and knowledge with visitors. However, when it comes to sharing cultural stories or knowledge (through tourism or art or other forms of expression), there are limitations and cultural protocols that need to be understood and respected by both Taungurung People and those engaging with the content being shared.

What an adventure! The wawa biik team delves into the highlights of our first year of operation.

February 2024 marks our wawa biik one year anniversary. One year on and we’ve been having a laugh about all the funny moments; thinking back to all the great yarns with our friendly guests and reflecting on the honour of being out on Country doing what we love. It’s no secret that running a successful tourism business is hard work at times and we have overcome some challenges in the past year.

Behind the scenes of wawa biik – a yarn with Sharna

Sharna Crosbie is the Cultural Experiences Development Manager at wawa biik.
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We acknowledge and pay respects to Taungurung Ancestors and Elders, past present and emerging. We continue to remain strong in culture, traditions and memories of those who have paved the way for Taungurung People and Country. We move forward proudly and thank our Ancestors for their guidance and protection throughout our journey.