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wawa biik cultural experiences are shaped by the vision of the Taungurung community. We are grateful to all Knowledge Holders, Elders, youth, artists, and staff who make invaluable contributions to wawa biik cultural experiences.
Meet your Guides
‘Country means everything to me. It means my family, it means my culture, it means my past, it means my present and it means my future...Country for me, is life.’
Aunty Jo
Proud Taungurung Elder Aunty Joanne Honeysett ‘Aunty Jo’ is a wawa biik guide, artist and active community leader. Aunty Jo spent a lot of time with the Wurundjeri and Bunurong communities growing up and feels fortunate to have always had Aboriginal culture in her life. Today Aunty Jo puts her energy into family, community, art and culture. As a mother of seven kids, family is a big part of her life. Aunty Jo is also a practicing mixed-medium artist, creating bold works inspired by Taungurung culture. Aunty Jo is honoured to lead visitors on Country and with warmth and compassion, creates a safe space for everyone to feel like part of her extended family; nurturing them with her infectious passion for Culture and community.
‘I love being on Country and sharing knowledge. I want people to know that we are still here, caring for Taungurung Country.’
Uncle Shane
Proud Taungurung Elder Uncle Shane is a wawa biik guide, bus driver and cultural advisor. Growing up in Healesville on Wurundjeri Country, Uncle Shane was lucky to always know his mob and where he came from. His Mum, the late Taungurung Elder Aunty Judy Monk, was an inspiration for his own cultural journey and that of many others. As a professional roof plumber for 22 years, it was a bad injury and subtle encouragement from his Mum that enticed him to change career paths and come back to culture. Over the years he has spent much time caring for Country. As a respected Elder, he’s proud to share cultural insights with the Taungurung youth and broader public. He’s a keen fisherman, passionate about healing Country and is always involved with projects that support the mob. Sharing his stories with humility and humour, you’ll love your time spent on Country with Uncle Shane.
‘Being involved with my community makes me feel a strong sense of purpose. It’s what makes me most happy and proud.’
Proud Taungurung /Wiradjuri man of the Nira-balluk clan Jonah Honeysett is a wawa biik guide, cultural heritage worker and youth leader. Jonah does great work supporting the assessment and protection of Taungurung cultural artefacts and heritage on Country. His passion for culture, learning and sharing knowledge stems from strong connections to culture cultivated at a young age. Jonah is part of a Youth Advisory Committee that is actively supporting young Taungurung people to engage in culture. Jonah is honoured to be co-leading groups on Country alongside Elders who provide incredible learning opportunities. With a respectful, engaging, and youthful enthusiasm, a yarn with Jonah will leave you feeling inspired about our positive future.

In the Media

wawa biik features in a range of publications, websites and across news outlets as we highlight the Taungurung story alongside the experiences offered.

wawa biik Newsletters

Please click here to read the latest edition Just like the pride and purpose our Elders feel when wrapped in their possum skin cloak, we want wawa biik to be a warm and inspiring space that brings people together to celebrate and learn about our traditional and contemporary aspects of Culture.

10 ways to be a Taungurung ally this National Reconciliation Week

It doesn’t matter where you are on your ally journey, all that matters is that you’re on the journey.

Cultural Heritage – “It’s still here and so are we” – a yarn with Jonah

Jonah Honeysett is a proud Taungurung /Wiradjuri man of the Nira-balluk clan who considers himself lucky to have grown up knowing about his culture, immersed in his culture, and learning about his culture from his Aboriginal parents and grandparents. It’s Jonah’s strong upbringing and sense of cultural identity that has inspired him to work for his mob and be part of the next wave of Taungurung People passionately protecting Taungurung culture.

“It’s not Aboriginal heritage, it’s Australia’s Heritage” – a yarn with Ashley.

Ashley Wilkinson is a proud Taungurung man of the Yeerum-Illiam-Balluk clan, which is below the Benalla and Mansfield area.
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We acknowledge and pay respects to Taungurung Ancestors and Elders, past present and emerging. We continue to remain strong in culture, traditions and memories of those who have paved the way for Taungurung People and Country. We move forward proudly and thank our Ancestors for their guidance and protection throughout our journey.