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In the Media

wawa biik features in a range of publications, websites and across news outlets as we highlight the Taungurung story alongside the experiences offered.

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wawa biik Newsletters

Please click here to read the latest edition Just like the pride and purpose our Elders feel when wrapped in their possum skin cloak, we want wawa biik to be a warm and inspiring space that brings people together to celebrate and learn about our traditional and contemporary aspects of Culture.


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Behind the scenes of wawa biik – a yarn with Sharna

Sharna Crosbie is the Cultural Experiences Development Manager at wawa biik.

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What is yarning?

If you’ve been on a wawa biik experience, you would have had plenty of yarns.

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Communicating in ways that words cannot – a yarn with Hunter Callaghan

Take a closer look at the beautiful images on the wawa biik website, and below.

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All the ingredients for a strong partnership – a yarn with our caterer

Debbie’s melt in your mouth lemon myrtle cookies have become a much-loved staple of our wawa Euroa experience.

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“Wealth is not about money” – a yarn with Noah

Noah Honeysett is a proud Taungurung man, Collingwood supporter and recently became a Dad which means he can now share more of his Dad jokes!

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wawa biik partner: Trawool Estate

Trawool Estate is named after the Taungurung word Traawool meaning wild water.

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Our youth rise to the occasion

After months of preparations and rehearsals, the day had arrived.

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wawa wayigalk (hello wattle!)

We are well and truly in wayigalk (wattle) season as Taungurung Country explodes with all shades of yellow this spring.


“Our wawa biik experiences are built on dhumbak gadhaba (yarning together). We create a safe space for everyone to share and be part of the conversation. We acknowledge that we are all coming to biik (Country) from different places, experiences, understanding and knowledge and that’s ok. Our yarns are about sharing our culture, story and experience but this can only happen when we are there respecting each other, listening to each other, and to biik, our Country, so that we can walk together” - Aunty Jo 

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Debbie’s melt in your mouth lemon myrtle cookies have become a much-loved staple of our wawa Euroa experience.  Debbie Redding of Debbie’s Delights has been baking delicious food for over 37 years but more recently has enjoyed learning and experimenting with Indigenous ingredients, including our delicious wawa biik morning teas. As a small business owner living and working on Taungurung Country, taking part in the wawa biik partnership program has given Deb the opportunity to connect with Taungurung Elders and deepen her connection to the land. Deb’s philosophy is all about sharing good food, laughter and quality time on Country with family and friends – we are delighted to have Deb as part of our extended team. Check out our yarn with Deb, link in bio! 

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Great day on Country today! Thank you to this beautiful group for coming along on our wawa Nagambie Experience. 

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You asked, we listened! 

We have had many people ask us for a family friendly wawa biik experience for the school holidays, so we are pleased to announce our new tour – wawa euroa wayilak (young people). This is a short 2 hour hands on cultural experience at the Euroa Arboretum, suited for young curious minds, aged 5-12 years. We have a tour in the January school holidays and another in April. Head to our website to book. 

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