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A yarn with Taungurung Elder Uncle Shane

Uncle Shane is a Taungurung Elder who is today continuing the good work of his Mum – the late Aunty Judy Monk - working hard to protect and celebrate Taungurung Culture for future generations.

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This special place on Taungurung Country is where the endangered White Bellied Sea Eagle calls home

Tahbilk Winery Estate is well known for its wine but this place encompasses so much more.

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A yarn with Cath Olive about ‘The Arb’

It is a warm January morning and the cicadas are making a racket.


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10 Taungurung words to learn before visiting Country

Australia is home to approximately 700 First Nations languages, most of which have been displaced since colonisation.

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Connection to Country – Space Magazine

I feel truly honoured to share my culture with visitors," says Aunty Joanne "Jo" Honeysett as she stands tall on Country, draped in a possum skin cloak she has lovingly stitched by hand.


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Tours on Taungurung Country

The Taungurung Land and Waters Council (TLaWC) is developing a Cultural Experiences brand that will provide locals with the opportunity to connect with passionate Taungurung leaders and the story of the Taungurung Nation.

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February marked our wawa biik one year anniversary. We think it is important to celebrate our milestones with you – after all, you are very much part of our journey. In this edition, our team reflects on the positives of what wawa biik has achieved and will continue to achieve for the Taungurung Nation; we touch on the team’s visit to Budj Bim and we hear from happy guests who enjoyed our new wawa Euroa Wayilak (young people) experience.

Over the coming weeks, we’d also love to hear from you – tell us what you loved about your wawa biik experience in 2023. Do you have any reflections a few months on? Do share with us via or post a google business review.

Thanks to everyone that has connected with us and to all those yet to say wawa to biik, we hope to meet you in 2024!

Head to our bio and check out our February newsletter now 😊
Everybody is welcome to join a wawa biik experience! So, which wawa biik experience will you choose this year? Jump onto our website to see our upcoming tours for March - June. We would love to meet you.

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There is a feeling of belonging that comes with being on biik, knowing biik, listening to biik, and engaging in cultural practices that have been tied to biik for thousands of years. We know that you will feel more at home too once you have experienced biik with us.

If you would like more information regarding our experiences please email or call. Contact details in bio. 

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12 months of wawa biik! Today we celebrate our 1 year anniversary! 

Thank you to the Taungurung community, TLAWC staff, partners and visitors for connecting with us and elevating the Taungurung story. 

We cannot wait to continue growing and connecting with community and country! Bring on the next 12 months!
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